Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jamie's girlfriend

1) This isn't going to be a "I hate her THIS *(^%$#& MUCH!" post.

Kyra's actually really awesome, and I think Jamie's pretty lucky to have her :) She's really down to earth and someone I can really get along with. In fact, I like her more than I like Monique, who has a crush on Jamie and therefore hates Kyra.

Like whatever. I'm glad Jamie's got her. He needs someone who can be there no matter what. He also needs someone who can put up with Monique's crap.

I had work from 4-7 today. It's pathetic when an Indian man walks in in plaid blue and white pyjamas, bunny slippers and an eyemask and you don't even bat a freakin eyelid.

Anyway, pretties, what's everyone else been doing?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sorry guys ^^

I was in Queensland. It was pretty cool I guess, I'll upload some pictures later ^^

I just made contact with an old friend - or rather he made contact with me. He wasn't just any friend, either, he was my first boyfriend... in grade 4. Hahahaha. Anyway, him and my best male friend ever - Jamie - used to be best mates, and used to hang out with Evan, a guy Jamie can't stand anymore.

Hayden (the dude who contacted me on facebook) ditched Jamie, who he'd known since they were born, to hang out with Evan. Evan and Hayden were... feral. That's the only word for it.

Anyway, he just told me he's coming back to town.

All I can say is oh &#$!

I remember Jamie and Hayden and Evan back in year 8 - which was nearly 4 years ago. Jamie was this dorky, chubby kid with brown hair in a bowl haircut. He annoyed everyone (not an understatement. Nobody could stand him). Evan was the top dog of the ferals, the person that every boy wanted to be and every girl wanted to be a part of. And Hayden was sort of a nice guy pretending to be a bad guy.

But that's all different now. Hayden moved away in year 8. Jamie grew into his own person - he's nearly 6 foot now, dyed his hair black, has two lip piercings and he couldn't be a nicer guy. He doesn't give a flying pig what people think of him. He's really gentle, usually, unless something's pissed him off.

Evan is someone you don't cross paths with unless you have a death wish.

I just realised that now they're all on different points of the spectrum. Jamie would definitely beat Hayden in a fight anyday now. Well, maybe if he could bring himself to hit him.

But they wouldn't be able to be friends anymore. Jamie never liked that Hayden went out with me, because we were both his best friends. It was too close for comfort, I guess.

Anyway, what's everyone been doing?